The trial was dominated by four former detectives who testified that the Police Department’s elite Gun Trace Task Force was made up of thugs with badges who stole cash, resold looted narcotics and lied under oath to cover their tracks. They detailed acts of police criminality including armed home invasions stretching back to 2008.

The acting police commissioner, Darryl DeSousa, said in a statement immediately after the verdict that the department would move to fire Mr. Hersl and Mr. Taylor, who have been suspended without pay since being indicted and arrested in March.

“We recognize that this indictment and subsequent trial uncovered some of the most egregious and despicable acts ever perpetrated in law enforcement,” Commissioner DeSousa said.

William Purpura, Mr. Hersl’s lead lawyer, said that the Hersl family was disappointed in the verdict but noted that the jury “did acquit him of one of the more serious crimes.” He said a decision about a possible appeal…

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