REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

The great game is often a polarizing one, with supporters sticking with their teams through thick and thin. In the recent Champions League encounter between Juventus and Real Madrid, the home fans were seen openly booing the Portuguese superstar.

And then, in the 64th minute, magic was shown by Ronaldo, as he translated a relatively tough cross into the back of the net through a beautiful over-the-head bicycle kick. Not only did the goal silence the boos, it ensured that the entire stadium was on its feet to applaud what was arguably the finest goal that the Champions League has witnessed in recent memory.

Such performances are rewarded with applause by the fans solely by virtue of their brilliance. Here are 5 instances when stadiums did the right thing for a worthwhile game:


1. Ronaldo vs Manchester United, 2003

Old Trafford is certainly one of the finest places to showcase footballing greatness. However, the stadium is not one that is used to tasting a hard game, and over the years, has been dumbstruck by instances when the unthinkable did occur.

Yet, in 2003, when Real Madrid visited Old Trafford and gave spectators a match to remember, it was the antics of one player that stood out. This time around, it was the Brazilian Ronaldo that would embark to win the hearts of both sides.

Despite the Galacticos losing 4-3 on the night, they had knocked United out of the Champions League on aggregate. Yet, Ronaldo’s performance was a glorious one…

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