Two open goals, two contrasting methods, two very different outcomes…

How’s your knowledge of Adam Sandler films?

Whenever you are faced with an open goal in life, be it literal or metaphorical, always take the advice of Morgan Freeman’s character in Happy Gilmore…

“Just tap it in.”

Tapping it in is exactly what Alexis Sanchez failed to do last weekend as Man United lost 1-0 to Newcastle at St James’ Park.

The Chilean forward latched on to a wonderful throughball from Romelu Lukaku before rounding Martin Dubravka with his first touch.

With the empty net agape, Sanchez lifted his favoured right-foot but bizarrely decided not to pull the trigger.

After a feint, he did unleash his shot but the delay cost him dear as Florian Lejeune had time to get back and make a block.

Cue ten thousand memes.

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“Overrated Chilean pianist” was a phrase we saw a lot on Twitter

There must have been a reason that an elite player, with an insatiable desire to win, decided not to take on the shot first time.

If you watch the replay you’ll see that Sanchez was travelling at speed when he gained possession.

It’s possible his balance wasn’t right for a successful finish.

Sorry to bring it up again, Alexis…

Getty – Contributor

Sorry to bring it up again, Alexis…

And, if you were being kind, it looks as if his left foot was planted too close to the ball and it may be that Sanchez decided…

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