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Swap deals can certainly be a smart way to save a few bucks, particularly considering how outrageous certain transfer demands are getting since the previous few windows.

However, when said swap deals begin to involve humongous talents, eyebrows are bound to be raised.

In line with this, an outrageous report would have us believe that United will give up two of their most prized talents in order to land Neymar in the summer.

The claim, championed by Daily Star, states that the Red Devils are willing to give up Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial in addition to £50 million cash in order to land Neymar from PSG.

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The Brazilian made a scintillating move worth £200 million in the summer, effectively raising the market’s asking price by inflation.

However, despite a strong showing with the French giants, wherein he managed to find a regular scoring knack, multiple reports have claimed that he is far from happy in Paris.


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Controversy after controversy has marred his short tenure there, and his teammates don’t appear to be his biggest fans either. However, that, by no means, validates the need for a transfer this early either.

Despite that, the report reckons PSG’s burning intention to build a side brimming with the finest French talent will tip them to accepting United’s offer. In Pogba and Martial, they will certainly find two of the…

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