29/03/2018 15:37, Report by Adam Bath

Ander Herrera has shed light on why he has his full name on the back of his shirt as he answered fans’ queries in a YouTube Q&A.

Speaking to United’s official YouTube channel, the Spanish midfielder also explained how he acquired the no.21 earlier in his career, which other sport he plays and what he thinks of the infamous Manchester weather. 

When did you first watch United play? Did you watch the 1999 Champions League final?
I think so. At least it’s my first memory. That was my first memory of United and what a memory. I remember the end of the game was incredible. The way they came back and they were against Bayern Munich, and maybe I watched United before, but my first memory is that one.

Which goal of yours do you think is the best in a United shirt? 
Every goal for United is important and I’m very happy for that. But maybe the one that I scored in FA Cup against Yeovil Town away. Three seasons ago, I think [2015].

Whose autograph would you take if you had the chance?
Morgan Freeman, I think. He’s an actor that I really admire.

Who is your favourite musician? Also, you’re a great player!
Thank you very much, first of all. And second, I like music but I’m not a big fan of just one musical style, so I couldn’t tell just one singer. I really like, for example, Juan Luis Guerra, he’s from the Dominican Republic and I’m open for all of the…

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