“If I don’t make it,” she wrote, “I love you and I appreciate everything you did for me.”

Some of the alarming videos of the mass shooting were passed around via text message, while others quickly made their way to Twitter, where they triggered “sensitive material” warnings.

One video showed officers with guns drawn, rushing into a classroom full of cowering students. The officers told students to put up their hands. One officer bellowed: “Put your phones away! Put your phones away!”

“The Safest Community in the County”

Parkland is the type of community where affluent young parents move to find verdant parks and pristine sidewalks for their children. Most everybody knows somebody at Stoneman Douglas High, home of the Eagles.

A famous alumnus of M.S.D., as the school is widely known, is Anthony Rizzo, who plays first base for the Chicago Cubs. Sheriff Scott Israel, who was briefing journalists on the tragedy inside the school, has triplets who graduated…

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