Walmart says the share of its employees eligible for company-sponsored coverage, and of those choosing it, is slightly above the industry norm. But the health benefits it offers in its online operations appear to be inferior to those of many e-commerce competitors.

At Bonobos, an online men’s wear retailer that Walmart agreed to buy in June for $310 million, workers currently pay nothing in premiums for medical coverage in exchange for a deductible — that is, the level below which they are responsible for covering their own expenses — of $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for families. A similar policy under Walmart’s plan will cost an individual about $750 more per year in premiums and a family nearly $4,000 more, according to documents on Walmart’s employee benefits website. Both plans will also feature a deductible that is 50 percent higher than the current one.

Some of the biggest changes appear to be occurring at another recent acquisition, ModCloth, an online retailer that made its name selling hip, vintage-inspired apparel to millennial women. To keep biweekly premiums for ModCloth’s roughly 300 workers relatively close to what they pay now, their deductibles will rise from nothing to several thousand dollars per year.


The San Francisco headquarters of ModCloth, an online apparel retailer where annual deductibles as much as several thousand dollars will go into effect under Walmart’s ownership.

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