I write to comment or disagree with Governor Abubukar Badaru’s  plan to emulate some techniques or agendas of the former governor of Jigawa State, Senator Ibrahim Saminu Turaki, to transform Jigawa by paying polling booth fund (Kudin Akwati) to few politicians neglecting or abandoning the roles or responsibilities of councilors, local government chairmen and perhaps commissioners and other M.Ds and E.Ss and making them redundant and inactive.

The governor, for his past and present experience as a governor,  needs  no extraordinary research to know the problems of the poor masses because as we all know, the demands of Talaka (citizen/poor), right from the 60’s has always been the same. Such demands are qualitative and free education, good health care, portable water, electricity, good roads, shelter, agricultural production, job opportunities, security, poverty alleviation, industrialization, and desertification control, most especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria.

To be candid, if Governor Badaru is truly serious with his agenda of transforming Jigawa  and he means well for the people of the state, he should not ignore the reality of knowing, planning  and attending to the suffering of the masses not until he gives or awards unconstitutional money to each polling unit across the state as a free gift to politicians because 2019 elections are fast approaching and we can term this agenda as a bribe to electorates instead employing hundreds of thousands of…

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