Yet the transit center has ambitions to be much more. A 5.4-acre park on the roof has a half-mile walking loop, an outdoor theater and gardens populated by dozens of mature trees. It’s an elevated park that has been compared to the High Line in New York. The tech offices that surround the center connect directly with the park, as does a gondola that will whisk visitors to the park for the sidewalk below.

During a week in which the Trump administration has sought to put infrastructure on the agenda, the transit center, which was built with close to $600 million in federal money from the stimulus package during the Great Recession, is a rubber-meets-the-road test for America’s infrastructure plans. The center was built on top of a giant underground concrete box designed to be the San Francisco terminus for both CalTrain, the railway that runs through Silicon Valley to San Jose, and high-speed rail, which is meant to connect San Francisco with Los Angeles.

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