It started at the final whistle.

Fed up, angry and miserable after an especially awful – and utterly avoidable – result, the supporters needed an outlet for their building ire. A ninety-four minute accumulation of bad energy was in desperate need of a host, and those who dared formulate their feelings into fresh opinion on Twitter were the unwitting lightning rods. They were pounced upon by raging reds who needed to vent in any direction to anyone about anything.

Fans who voiced frustration at Jose Mourinho’s ineptitude and crippling cowardice were attacked for being knee-jerk reactionaries by people reacting themselves like high-kicking can-can dancers. Even the mildest questioning of the manager’s tactics was taken as an unequivocal demand for the Portuguese to be sacked. Tempers were so fraught that people were exaggerating pretty tame points until they had something to be mad about.

So ‘Mourinho got it wrong tonight’ full stop, becomes ‘Mourinho got it wrong tonight AND SHOULD BE REPLACED IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE HE HAS ACHIEVED NOTHING WHATSOEVER IN TWO YEARS AND IF ANYTHING WE SHOULD BRING BACK DAVID MOYES’ when construed through the filter of those looking for a row. It’s like Angry Lego – keep building it up in your head until it’s big enough to knock down.

If the glass even slightly empty brigade were having a tough time of it, those suggesting it was remotely filled were faring far worse. Glimpses of sunny optimism were treated like piercing shards of light on…

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