There’s nothing at all to suggest he partook of the city’s most famous delicacy, however.

Conor McGregor managed to take in a visit to one of Amsterdam’s most famous ‘coffee shops’ on a visit to the Dutch city, and the venue was quick to advertise its famous customer to its followers on Instagram.

In the image, he appears to be deciding between a macchiato, a mocha, a plain old Americano or some other intoxicating blend.

There’s no way of knowing if he partook of any of the café’s more celebrated and 100% legal delights, however, or that he’s aware that the man about to take his order is holding a big box of something that looks very herbal and refreshing.

McGregor himself posted a number of images from his trip.

Hopefully he took in a visit to the Anne Frank museum too. You can’t go to Amsterdam without visiting the Anne Frank museum.

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