Seid Oshiomhole is the younger brother of former Governor Adams Oshiomhole. He is an aspirant for the House of Asembly. The politician from Estako West Constituency spoke with Osagie Otabor, on his ambition and other partisan issues. 

Why is the Edo State APC celebrating its victory at the local government polls that were boycotted by the PDP?

The election went well. It was peaceful and calm. There was no fight and no trouble. The APC did very strong campaigns. The campaigns helped them to do proper awareness. They make the people to know the party is much on ground and committed to  the people. The PDP has a choice. It is their right to withdraw. The legislature has the right to their jobs. If we say whatsoever the state legislated is not good, it is as good as saying the state parliament has no job. We have to be very careful for issues we push for selfish interest. PDP has no capacity to match APC in Edo. Despite the economic problem which was caused by the PDP. People are not well briefed that the problems did not just start. The APC has made people to understand that governance is not for party but for the people. PDP are taking issues so personal because they felt they supposed to remain in power. They took their chances when they were in power, they never believe Nigerians can react.

Why are you aspiring to be a member of the House of Assembly?

I think it is my right to contest. I have a right to contest. I have a right to develop interest. I have not…

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