Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah are the two frontrunners for the PFA Player of the Year award, and the former has praised Liverpool’s No. 11.

Both De Bruyne and Salah have enjoyed phenomenal seasons, and the two will go head-to-head again on Wednesday night as Liverpool host Man City in the Champions League.

It is likely that if either side are to make it to the semi-finals the influence of their leading men will be vital.

According to Virgil van Dijk, Salah could be more directly impactful, saying “when he is 100 percent and in the zone then he can beat anyone.”

On a basic level, Salah’s 37 goals and 12 assists in 42 games this season stack the odds in his favour when compared to De Bruyne’s 11 goals and 19 assists in 43 outings.

But while De Bruyne believes his awards-season rival is deserving of praise he suggested it will be heavily weighted towards Salah due to “statistics.”

“You cannot compare—it is impossible. So how do the players choose?” he argued.

“Everybody has his own opinion. It depends on what people are looking for in a player.

“Salah has a remarkable goalscoring run, and he plays very well like an inside forward type of role, for me. This season he has been incredible.

“To compare us, I don’t know. With the statistics how are we going to compare ourselves?

“It’s totally different, I played [against Everton] like a defensive midfielder, how you can compare me to an inside forward? I have no idea….

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