Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Mr Monday Ubani has advised the  government not to dismiss the allegation by a former Minister of Defence, Lt Gen. Theophilus Danjuma that the recent killings in the country are ethnic cleansing.

Rather than dismiss the allegation, Ubani said the government should take his words with seriousness, investigate it and determine its veracity, emphasizing that given his caliber, whatever he says carry a lot of weight.

Said Ubani: “Danjuma is not a small personality in Nigeria. He was once Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) and  Defence Minister.

He has been a top rated Nigerian whose views carry a high level  of weight. So for him to speak and say what he said, I think the government and the military should take those words he has spoken very seriously and try to investigate especially if you noticed, this particular statement he made, has been corroborated by some of the locals in Plateau and even in Taraba where they allege that some times, military give cover to these herdsmen, guide them to feed on their farms.

“These are allegations which any serious government must investigate and authenticate its  veracity.

“Don’t dismiss it or attack the personality of the man who has made it. So what I expect the government to do is to investigate the allegation to determine whether what he said is true or otherwise. Where these statement has been corroborated by the locals who are resident  in these places,…

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