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This year’s E3 Expo in LA will likely serve to reveal the trailer

FIFA 19 may be a few months away but excitement about the new trailer is already building.

Cover star Cristiano Ronaldo was the star of last year’s – especially given that PES has the rights to Lionel Messi et al.

Our mocked up version of Harry Kane on the front of FIFA 19

That being said, the Portuguese has been off colour of late so faces pressure from the likes of Harry Kane or Neymar for the leading role.

Perhaps EA Sports will focus on a few players, rather than just one?

So when can we expect the first trailer to drop?

FIFA 19 will be unveiled at E3, LA in June – so we’ll probably catch our first glimpse of the trailer then. Last year’s trailer dropped on June 5.

Don’t expect to see much gameplay, though – it’ll use the in-game engine, but be a cinematic, much like last year.

How about the cover star?

EA markets FIFA as the global game, and for that to work they need a global star. Ronaldo is the obvious choice for the FIFA 19 cover  – but on merit, perhaps it’s time for EA to look elsewhere.

We’ve mocked up a few FIFA 19 covers – including ones featuring Kane and Neymar. Check them out here 

Our mocked up version of the FIFA 19 cover with Ronnie

Our mocked up version of the FIFA 19 cover with Ronnie


Who’s going to be the highest-rated player?

This is a tough one. The cover star is usually one of the best players and Ronaldo was the highest…

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