Gingrich Worried NFL Will Stop Playing National Anthem

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich fears the NFL will stop playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” to avoid the controversy sparked by some players who take a knee during the anthem.

Gingrich’s comments came in a column for Fox News.

“My fear is that the NFL will succumb to pressure and try to side-step the problem by no longer performing the national anthem before games,” he said. “This would be the worst path to take.

“As a nation, we need to have a serious debate: Will we renew our patriotism and respect our shared history, or will we allow our American institutions to decay?

“Are we going to ignore our traditions out of fear of ridicule from the left, or are we going to proudly continue to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

He blasted those on the left for trying to “undermine and destroy the things that have historically unified this country.”

And he said the protests during the anthem were the latest example.

“Francis Scott Key wrote ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ in 1814 for an America that was worth fighting for and defending,” Gingrich said.

“It still is. We need to defend it.”

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