When John Kingston took charge at Harlequins last year he turned to Arsene Wenger for advice. The Arsenal manager asked him how he would improve the club, and Kingston said discipline was one issue on his mind.

That conversation helped Kingston formulate the club’s disciplinary code — one which Marland Yarde fell foul of and led to the England wing’s exit from the club last month.

Yarde joined Sale and while his departure removed an international back from the Quins armoury, Kingston remains convinced he had no choice. Yarde missed three training sessions this season and his failure to stick to the disciplinary guidelines led to his exit.

When Kingston took over last year, he sought advice about how to instil the kind of discipline he felt was needed to take the club forward.

He said: “If you then start allowing people to behave outside the established framework, getting away with things, then like children they won’t change, unless you have some consequences. 

“What I have told the group after this…

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