What happens after someone is arrested?

It depends.

If someone in custody already faces an order of deportation, the options may be limited.

Mr. Jamal and nearly one million others fall into this category. In Mr. Jamal’s case, an immigration judge gave him until Oct. 26, 2011, to leave the country voluntarily, according to ICE. When he failed to do so, his departure order became a deportation order.

A lawyer may be able to argue, as Mr. Jamal’s successfully did, that the judge should temporarily stay the removal. A lawyer may also be able to persuade a judge to reopen a case if a person’s circumstances have changed.

But without such a stay, ICE can conclude that the legal process is over and begin deportation as soon as possible, depending on the logistics of sending the individuals to their native country.

That happened to Mr. Jamal on Monday. When his first stay was dissolved, he was placed on a flight. His lawyers said they were able to secure a second stay, however,…

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