No choice

Jurgen Klopp has explained in his Friday presser why Liverpool sold Philippe Coutinho, and made it clear that the club moved heaven and earth to keep him, but when a player doesn’t want to stay at a club, there is little point in keeping him.

Many people wondered why the Reds agreed to sell their so called best player with half a season to go, instead of waiting until the summer, yet it seems that the club knew they had no other choice.

He said: “This was his dream. He would only leave Liverpool for one club. The club was fighting until the last second to keep Phil. It would have been difficult to say no and then use him in the second half of the season.

“Phil, what a character, but he still wanted to leave. We have to make the best of it. We still have fantastic players here.

“There was no other option. If someone is angry or disappointed it could be the manager but I’m not. We tried everything to convince Phil to stay here.

“We had a contract but would have been difficult to keep him for 2nd half of season. Could he have helped us still? 100% clear no chance. Clear he wasn’t ready to do that anymore.”

Man City

Of course, the conversation also turned to the massive game against Manchester City on the weekend, where Liverpool will want to do far better than the massive defeat they suffered at the hands of…

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