Manchester United were knocked out of the Champions League on Tuesday evening.

Sevilla punished Jose Mourinho’s bizarrely cautious tactics with two second-half goals from Wissam Ben Yedder. United had spent the entire tie, both home and away, terrified to take the initiative and waiting for an opposition mistake that never came, rather than trying to attack a modestly talented team.

Romelu Lukaku’s goal couldn’t spark a late fightback and United supporters were left perplexed at what they had witnessed. Most of the criticism has been directed at the United players rather than their manager. However, this is ultimately redundant, as the players were merely following orders and working within the limited framework of their coach’s reactive, out of date tactical outlook.

Yet, it appears United are about to buy more players for Mourinho to use as fall-guys for his bankrupt tactical approach. Because, as Steven Gerrard said on BT Sport on Tuesday night, the team need another three or four world class players to challenge for major trophies. In addition to all those great attacking players they already have, just give Mourinho another couple of hundred million to spend, never mind coaching players.

According to Miguel Delaney, writing in The Independent, Mourinho is prepared to allow as many as seven current…

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