17/04/2018 11:05, Report by Communications Department

Marathonbet, the online bookmaker and Official Betting Partner of Manchester United, will today launch its co-branded, Japanese inspired Pachinko pinball game, Score Legend.

Unlike the traditional game, which sees players drop balls into a pinball-like machine with the aim of getting as many balls as possible into the back of the net, this version also has a skills-based element. Whilst playing Score Legend, users have the chance to turn pins into Manchester United players, allowing for full control and a greater chance to score.

Michael Rasmussen, Head of Global Marketing and PR on behalf of Marathonbet, commented: “We’re all about the extraordinary at Marathonbet and are excited to be able to offer our customers a highly enjoyable Pachinko-based game in Score Legend, all while immersed in Manchester United colours and emblems.

“We’re confident the exclusive skill element added into the game will make the experience all the more enjoyable for players.”

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