Millwall‘s fight to stop land around The Den being sold to property developers has suffered a major blow after an independent inquiry cleared Lewisham council of any wrongdoing surrounding its plans for a proposed compulsory purchase order.

The inquiry, which was led by Lord Dyson, has rejected all the criticisms of the council’s plans to seize the land and sell it to offshore developer Renewal.

Millwall said those plans threatened to evict them from The Den and the club accused the council of trying to force them out of their historic home. They want to develop the land themselves to secure their future.

An independent inquiry was called after questions emerged over the process, including a series of revelations about the Surrey Canal Sports Foundation, a sports complex set up by Renewal and at the heart of the bitter dispute. 

But Lord Dyson has rejected all criticisms of Lewisham and said the council “behaved with propriety, due diligence and in accordance with the applicable codes of practice”.

Millwall were on Monday…

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