A mum had to take her ‘unresponsive baby’ to hospital herself after waiting over an HOUR for an ambulance.

Carly Jamieson was shopping with her 11-week-old son Jackson and eight-year-old daughter Ruby when she noticed her son wouldn’t wake up.

In panic, the mum-of-two, who was shopping on West Derby Road, in Tuebrook, took her baby boy to Lloyds Pharmacy for help and while inside rang an ambulance.

But after more than an hour, and no sign of an ambulance, Carly had to get a taxi with her son to hospital and has since expressed her surprise that the emergency services didn’t arrive.

However, today the North West Ambulance has defended its actions, on November 22 and said it has two hours to respond to an ‘urgent’ call.

Mum Carly said: “I was very surprised the ambulance service didn’t turn up for an 11-week-old baby.

“Especially considering I called them back to tell them that Jackson was in my opinion getting worse.

“He had not been himself and seemed really drowsy and was not feeding properly.

“I thought it was just a bug or something.

“But when I was shopping I saw that he was really pale and he just wouldn’t wake up.

“He was breathing but was flat out cold and just really still and quite grey.”

Alder Hey

Carly said Pharmacy staff took hold of newborn Jackson when she went into the store for help, who tried to wake him, but despite their efforts he remained unresponsive.

She said: “I was trying to…

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