It’s getting embarrassing.

We’ve been live on television twice in the past week and both times the players have embarrassed themselves.

I watched them as they trudged off the pitch at St Mary’s on Sunday and not one of them looked remotely dirty, too many of the players are not accountable for their own performances and everyone keeps talking about going back to basics but I’m not so sure these players know what that is.

I keep banging on about it but players are simply not doing the job they are out there to do.

Everton’s midfielders are not getting on top of the opposition and stopping the ball from being played in behind.

Defenders are not stopping crosses or tracking runners and the forwards are not creating or scoring.

It doesn’t matter who is in the dugout, not even Jose Mourinho, because individuals are not stopping the opposition doing what they want to.

They have got to show pride, put their ability alongside of that and ensure they impact games. But it’s just not happening.

You don’t get anything given to you in the Premier League yet far too many players are happy passing the buck.

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Kevin Mirallas, for example, should he be wearing an Everton shirt?

His job is to create goals or score goals as an attacking midfielder but when was the last time he did that?

I’m baffled how he still gets a game for Everton because he isn’t…

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