14/03/2018 13:54, Report by Adam Marshall

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s recent interview with MUTV, as part of the ‘Past, Present & Future’ series, provides some valuable insight into his life at Manchester United. 

We’ve picked out five things we learned from the documentary, which is available to watch now on demand.


The striker attracted attention with his form for Molde and things could have turned out very differently for the 22-year-old, back in 1996. 

“There were a few clubs watching me,” he said. “At the time it was said Bayern Munich, PSV Eindhoven and Liverpool, I think, were interested. Perugia and Cagliari, a few Italian clubs had shown interest, but there were never any offers. Actually, United’s was the first offer Molde got for me and that was it.”


Although not taking up the same sport as his father, Oyvind, Ole picked up several of his traits. 

“Dad was a wrestler,” he said. “Quite a good one, apparently. So he says. I never wanted to be a professional. My goal as a footballer was never to be a professional player, I just wanted to play for my local team. My dad was Norwegian wrestling champion between 1966 and 1971 and I think I got a bit of his mentality. He has a hard-working man, a humble man, and he didn’t have to scream and shout very loud.

“He’s told me a few stories of when he went with the Finnish, Swedish and other wrestlers; he…

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