OmniBank holds 3rd SME Clinic

OmniBank has held its 3rd ‘SME Clinic’ this year to promote and sustain the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) across the country.

The Clinic which also provides a training session on various crucial management practices helps to better equip entrepreneurs in the country.

Speaking on the theme, “Innovative Financing Option for Business” Head of Personal and Business Banking, Ebow Quayson said the bank was dedicated to fixing the challenges in the SME Sector.

“We have played in the SME space for over 10 years and we have the experience to understand what they need so we continuously try to improve our services to them. One challenge we have seen is access to finance and financing options, these are challenges people debate with all the time so whatever we do is to make sure our customers and entrepreneurs are equipped so we can help bridge the inequality gap. As a bank, providing these SME Clinics helps to address these challenges and more”.

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The bank also used the opportunity to launch some new products that will easily meet the needs of its target group.

“We call our new product the HCS pack, that is health, church and schools. For the health pack we are looking at anything within the medical sphere. What we have found out is that most people have issues with their working capital, project finance and sometimes day to day running of their activities and this is where we come in as a bank. The product development committee of the bank sat down and released that health facility, churches and schools have these particular needs but for some reason banks are giving this particular focus and that is why we decided to come in.”

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The SME Clinic also saw the introduction of some seasoned professionals to engage participants on the various funding opportunities available for them.

At the end of the session, entrepreneurs were exposed to many funding opportunities and partnerships through networking and sharing of ideas.

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By: Felicia Osei/ of the post