28/03/2018 08:48, Report by Mark Froggatt

Forget about internationals, forget about the World Cup. The next two months are exclusively about Manchester United and a high-profile finale to the 2017/18 season.

The break provided its moments of interest, like Jesse Lingard scoring his first goal for England, Scott McTominay debuting with Scotland and Romelu Lukaku continuing his hot streak in front of goal, but for many Reds the series of friendlies were merely distractions from the campaign’s main event.

Domestic football is increasingly dominant across the football calendar and, while Russia 2018 will undoubtedly rule the sporting agenda this summer, we’re not ready to delve into that world just yet. There is business to attend to back home in Manchester and the stakes are high.

From the players on the pitch and managers in the dugouts, to the fans in the stands and supporters around the world, these next eight weeks are what everyone has built towards since the fixtures were released on 14 June. As a collective, we’ve invested our time, hearts and minds for this denouement.

Think of it like a 24-episode box set: you began with optimism, loved the premise, meandered in the middle, pondered the plot twist and rallied late on. Now, with only a handful of shows to go, as the season finale approaches, you’re desperately hoping for an ending to tell your mates about.

That was an unnecessary…

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