He’s on his way to New Zealand, not Australia.

For about an hour on Monday night, English cricket fans were very excited because Ben Stokes was “spotted” at Heathrow Airport carrying cricket gear…

This led to suggestions that the cricketer was on his way down under to help the England team in their Ashes series encounter with Australia.

Stokes is still suspended by the ECB, after a video emerged showing him involved in a brawl outside a nightclub in Bristol in September.

So, a sensational return to the team seemed highly unlikely, despite the photo.

It turned out that Stokes is, according to Sky Sports, flying to his native New Zealand to spent time with his family and to train, rather than on his way to save the English team.


However, for a brief time, people were very excited about a sensational Stokes return, and it led to a lot of wrestling gifs.

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