Price Is ‘Wrong’ on ‘Indefensible’ Private Flights

There’s “no excuses” for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s use of private jets to travel the country, “playing the big shot on the taxpayer’s dime,” Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., charged Thursday.

In remarks to Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters,” Kennedy stopped short of calling for the Cabinet member’s firing.

“No excuses here,” Kennedy railed. “Can’t put lipstick on this pig. It’s a pig.”

“Tom shouldn’t have done this,” he continued. “Whether he stays on is between him and President [Donald] Trump. Taking these charter flights, playing the big shot on the taxpayer’s dime when you can go by bus or train or regular commercial air, can’t put lipstick on this pig.”

Kennedy said the charter plane hopping is “dead wrong.”

“It’s more than wrong,” he said. “Don’t defend this. It’s indefensible.”

Price said Thursday “we’re going to work through this, and I think we’ve still got the confidence of the president,” The Hill reported.

Trump made it clear he was not happy with the revelation, saying Wednesday he would let Price “know it.” But he also deflected a question about whether it was a fireable offense, saying, “We’ll see.”

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