Dr. Shulkin is one of several cabinet secretaries to be accused of lavish spending on travel. Tom Price was dismissed as secretary of health and human services over his use of private jets.

Representative Mike Coffman, a Colorado Republican on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, called for Dr. Shulkin to resign. In a Twitter message, he wrote, “It’s exactly corruption and abuses like this that doesn’t help our veterans.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs offered only a brief defense of Dr. Shulkin’s trip on Wednesday, saying in a statement: “As Secretary Shulkin points out, he travels far less than any recent V.A. secretary, takes no private jets, and was the first cabinet secretary to post details of his travel online for all to see. That said, accountability and transparency are important values at V.A. under President Trump.”

But Dr. Shulkin personally pushed back hard against the findings.

“The report is not accurate, not objective,” he said in an…

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