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Football is a very competitive sport; not just on the pitch among the players but also among passionate fans. This shared mentality of wanting to win at all costs is appreciable for sure, but certain players just take it to another level.

That’s probably how Kurt Zouma would describe Paul Pogba, who apparently banned the Stoke City man from his house.

Whilst Zouma has joined the Potters to developed his career that got stagnant for a while, Pogba has been on a path to prove his critics from last season dead wrong.

The midfielder has been one of the standout performers for the Red Devils and has already secured 3 goals and as many assists in the league despite suffering two months worth of injury recovery.

On the other hand, the pair are great friends and often come together to relieve eachother of their boredom. And from one of these instances, the talented defender has revealed something he did that got him banned from the Red Devil’s home.

“Pogba is one of the best players – he’s got everything,” the Chelsea loanee told Goal.

“That’s why people talk about him because he’s so so good.

“He doesn’t like to lose when we play card games, like Uno.

“The other day I went to his house and I beat him. He was so, so, so angry. He didn’t want me to come anymore.

“He told me ‘don’t come anymore to my house’. I said ‘my friend, please. It’s only Uno we’re talking about’”.

The French midfielder certainly has what is…

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