Rush Limbaugh Blasts ‘Lies and Misstatements’ Directed at Him After Irma Comment

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh hit back at critics Monday who said his rant on media coverage of hurricanes is over the top and promotes a liberal agenda.

“This is all over the place that I told people there is no storm. That I told people you don’t have to run away from Florida, you do not have to evacuate, because I said the storm isn’t coming,” Limbaugh said on his radio show.

“I did not say that. I did not say the storm is not big. I didn’t say the storm is gonna go somewhere else. They did. I didn’t say anything. There is not a thing that I said about this that anybody can prove I was wrong about, not a single thing.”

What Limbaugh did say last week was that he felt the coverage of Hurricane Irma several days before it was due to make landfall on the United States seemed a bit over the top, which he noted makes some sense because local news stations have relationships with grocery stores.

Limbaugh also made the point that the level of media coverage of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma could be seen as creating awareness for climate change.

Limbaugh was lambasted on social media for his comments and for evacuating his Florida home. On Monday, he said his remarks were misconstrued.

“I explained how the world works. I explained how local media seeks to hype these storms ’cause it’s good for ratings, and it’s also good for grocery stores and advertisers that sell things you need during a hurricane,” he said.

“This is a series of lies and misstatements, and this is because I do not heel. I do not join everybody in the conventional wisdom, the consensus and the groupthink. I did not join in the panic. I did not join in helpless wailing and ‘Oh, woe is me!’ I did not join in any of the things — and I specifically didn’t join the idea that global warming or climate change was causing this.”

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