Seahawks’ Pete Carroll Wants Empathy, Not Judgment, From Trump

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll on Tuesday called on President Donald Trump to be empathetic “without passing judgment” after a weekend of protests by NFL athletes over his remarks last week in Alabama.

“I just wish that he would understand that this is a moment to be even empathetic and listen to what everybody’s saying and have a chance to feel what that’s all about without passing judgment,” Carroll, 66, told Anderson Cooper on CNN. “That’s what needs to happen.”

Both the Seahawks and the Tennessee Titans remained in their locker rooms during “The Star-Spangled Banner” before their game in Nashville.

“People from all different walks and all different opinions, we need to give ourselves the opportunity to hear the other side,” Carroll, who coached the Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory in 2014, told Cooper. “That’s the first step in creating change.

“This is about change — and I’m hoping we’re able to make progress.

“Whatever it takes to get that done, from the president on down, we’re all ready to work at it.”

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