The Hampden penalty controversy continued to dominate the Hotline with callers split over whether Scott Sinclair dived – and Celtic fans insisting their team would have won even if it hadn’t been given.

Charlie Jardine, Motherwell, said: “I thought it was a penalty, but even the top players like Ronaldo go down when they shouldn’t. It was clever and it’s part of the game.”

Liam Maley emailed to say: “Incredible the reaction to a refs decision at Hampden that resulted in a Celtic penalty in a game already won … and was the correct decision. Selective memory syndrome is alive and well.”

Iain Miller, Barrhead, was critical of both the referee and player in debate, saying: “Between Sinclair and Craig Thomson the final was ruined. Thomson is a great advert for getting your eyes tested and Sinclair may as well be on Coronation Street with his girlfriend.”

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers with Scott Sinclair

Stefan Lomako, Withorn, emailed: “It’s sad but boring to hear tainted victory, condolences, referees in pockets and other often vicious, cynical expressions spat out over a disputed penalty decision when priorities should be elsewhere.

“These decisions happen every day and after Motherwell’s game-plan was put in jeopardy by Forrest’s fabulous goal … yes he scored! It’s likely Celtic, always in control, would have gone on to a comfortable victory anyway.”

Bud Hay, Dumfries, praised his teams…

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