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Terms and Conditions

The main objective of our news site is to avail our loyal readers’ fresh news contents from a pool of globally syndicated news feeds. These feeds are from selected top news providers.

In respect to syndicated news contents, our goal is to provide our visitors and readers contextual searchable part of any news content (usually a little snippet description of the main story) with a fully functional and clickable link to the third party news provider or news feed source. This clickable back link is found on every syndicated news on our website.

Our news service can also be likened in many respects to the services of an online search engine, except for the fact that these news items are from carefully selected third party news publishers using the RSS Feed syndication systems. We at Newshandle.com, also ensure that our syndication system adheres to best ethical standards by not scraping the entire web portal of any third party news site as is the case with most news syndicating websites.

Please note that our site is a news feeds syndicating and searchable website of third party contents. News contents displayed on NewsAddUp.com are distributed via RSS feeds as published from source (third party sites) and should be used for the purpose of information, non-commercial and private use.

Use of contents, stories and news updates on our website is entirely at your own risk. All news stories are displayed as published by the third party owner(s) or publisher(s).