An expert lipreader has revealed what Prince Harry and fiance Meghan Markle said to each other between takes of their adorable first interview.

The happy couple were analysed by Tina Lannin, who specialises in lipreading for the police with company 121 Captions, during the clips where sound was cut.

Tina believes that the loved-up pair were joking about who needs to speak next before sound was reintroduced to the interview.

According to the Daily Mirror , Tina said that the American actress asks Harry if he wants a hand before the prince replies: “She wants me to say something”, and jokingly slaps his knee with a playful “Goddammit!”

At one point Meghan places her closed fist under her chin as she looks lovingly at Harry.

She’s smiling and has a cheeky glint in her eye and he looks back at her with an equally cheeky grin.

A lipreading transcript of the exchange just before Harry slaps his knee reads:

Harry: “Oh it’s yours.”

Meghan: “Do you want a hand, right?”

Harry: “She wants me to say something.”

Meghan: “Oh sorry.”

Harry: “Yeah, hopefully not. Goddammit! (slaps knee) But no, there’s nothing (cuts away).”

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

The smitten pair revealed during the interview, at Kensington Palace, that they plan to start a family in the “near future”.

When asked by the BBC journalist if they were planning to have children, Harry replied with a smile: “Not currently, no.”

Harry added: “No, of…

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