Former Imo State Commissioner for Information, Tourism and Public Utility Dr. Vitalis Ajumbe is the Chairman, Contact and Mobilisation Committee of the ‘Ararume Destiny Organisation. In this interview with reporters in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), he explains why Senator Ifeanyi Ararume should be the governor.

Can you give us your political background in Imo State?

I am a stakeholder in Imo politics and a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC). I have been in the party since its formation. I was the state chairman of the ANPP for nine years in Imo State. I came in as acting chairman for two years. The ANPP, as you all know, was one of the political parties that formed the APC. I took my party to Zamfara State where we had the convention to form the APC. I was a member of that convention committee.

What is going on in Imo State politically?

Politically, we have seen the APC in Imo as a party that is only existing in the name as the APC and not the members feeling the impact of government.

Why do you say that?

This is a state where the APC as a party that is supposed to be in government is now like a party in opposition, a party that has been rejected, a party that has been forgotten or that is not being cared for by the government that is in power; the government that the APC helped to bring in power. Where there is not meetings at all levels.

Are you saying the government has separated itself from the party in the state?

That is what it looks…

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