‘Racism’ Is Overused, ESPN Anchor a ‘Back-Bencher’

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Thursday the ESPN anchor who called President Donald Trump a white supremacist is a “back-bencher” — and it seems like everyone can be considered a racist these days.

Clarke spoke with “Fox and Friends” about the controversy surrounding Jemele Hill and her remarks about Trump.

“I don’t watch her, but I’ve seen her before. She’s a back-bencher, and sometimes when you’re in that situation you do or say things to bring attention to yourself to try to lift you up to where the stars are on that show, on ESPN,” Clarke said.

Clarke, who recently retired as sheriff after a law enforcement career that spanned four decades, added that the word racism is thrown around too loosely these days.

“This term ‘racism’ is thrown around so much it doesn’t even have any meaning anymore,” Clarke said. “It’s been so diluted. Everybody’s a ‘bigot,’ everybody’s a ‘racist,’ everybody’s a ‘fascist.'”

Clarke, who is black, knows Trump well and said the president is not a racist in any way.

“Furthest thing from it. He’s one of the most generous individuals I know, especially when it comes to the black community,” Clarke said.

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